Household Move

North American Van Lines will do everything we can to make this move a pleasant experience for you and your family. A successful move revolves around thorough planning and communication. Your North American Agent Service Counselor and the North American Home to Home moving process are here to guide you and to help take the stress of moving off your shoulders.

  • As your household goods are being delivered to your new home, you must check off each item on the check off sheet provided by the van operator. If any items are missing or damaged, you need to note the missing or damaged items on the check off sheet or inventory form next to the item. This is known as taking an exception at delivery and is for your protection in the event of damage or a missing item.
  • Signing the item check-off sheet or inventory form is a declaration that all items were received and in the same condition as they were shipped, unless exceptions were taken at delivery.
  • We do not expect you to unpack every carton before signing the inventory. However, you must inspect any cartons for external damage at the time of delivery and note exceptions to such cartons.
  • On cartons where security seals were used, be certain seals are intact at delivery. If not, make sure exceptions are noted at delivery.
  • North American may need to inspect any damaged items to determine if the item should be repaired or replaced. Items must be inspected at the location where they were delivered, this includes to a mini storage unit. If the goods are moved by you or another company prior to our inspection, it is likely that portion of your claim will not be paid.
  • Don’t throw away damaged items, cartons, or other packing materials prior to our inspection – we may need to view them as part of the settlement process.
  • It is in your best interest to file any damage or missing claim quickly, while circumstances are still fresh in everyone’s mind. And, in the event of a missing item, our ability to locate it is greatly enhanced. You must submit your claim in writing. For a claim form, contact your Home to Home Agent Service Counselor or call North American Customer Service at 1.800.348.2111.

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